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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Experimenting with drawing tools...

Some artists turn their drawings into video games with multiple screens. This game costs 25 cents (notice the coin slot) so hopefully you have your quarters! 

Some artists like to experiment with making marks using a new tool (charcoal pencil). 

Some artists like to draw what they see. 

Some artists work non-objectively.

Some artists add a lot of detail.  

Some artists draw things they remember. 

Some artists use lines to create optical illusions. 

Some artists draw things they remember.

Some artists like to draw on graph paper. 
Some artists enjoy creating patterns. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Artists take risks and try new things.

In the art room we have a chart that looks like this:
Each class has their own page.
As I circulate around the room, I instruct children to go up and fill out the chart. 

There is a key that looks like this:
Red square =  Painting Center
Blue Square = Drawing Center
Green Square = Sculpture Center, etc.
"A" = Absent 

Students artists are allowed to go to the same center two weeks in a row. After that, they must go to a new center of their choice. The young artist below really wanted to draw, but she had gone to the Drawing Center for the last two weeks. She decided to give the new project, Crazy Paper Weaving a try... but was very skeptical about liking it. Minutes into weaving her face lit up, and she discovered that she LOVES to weave. Judging by her smiling eyes, I think she is extremely proud of her weaving! 
Chloe, room 24

Monday, February 27, 2012


Some artists make art because it is a way to express the feelings that they feel.

 I made a dog out of some things at the Sculpture Center. I had to give my dog away because me, my mom and my little brother were allergic... so I decided to make something to remember him. 
Tommy, Room 27


Some Artists Find Inspiration in Books

"This is a sea harbor. This is the sea, and there's a harbor up there. There are cranes and trucks unloading it. I saw a book about mines, and I saw how they lifted things up, so I thought it would be cool if I had ships and a harbor and cranes unloading stuff."  ~Daniel Cambourelis-Haskins, Room 24


ORIGAMI: The Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures.

I've tried teaching myself origami, and I still can't make anything... but my 2nd and 3rd grade  artists (like the boys in the above) have NO problem understanding the steps and making these fantastic paper creations. 
"I made this origami dragon, and I made a fish. With the fish, I put some stripes to plan out where the glitter was going to go. Then I went over the glitter center, and I poured on some glitter. With the dragon I put a little strip of glue, and I sprinkled some more glitter on it. This is the first time I ever made origami, but I have to say the hardest part is using the glitter and glue because sometimes it just drips down." 
~Dylan Morin, room 20

"Dylan made this for me because I didn't know how to do it... but I put on the eyes and the glitter. Dylan is going to teach me how to do it next time."
~Tony Weissinger, room 20

We recently got our hands on some wood scraps and wood glue... and the sculptors are eating it up. Our Fiskars hand drills are always in use. 

"We're making this house for Smurfs and Beanie Boos. We have curtains over the windows, and we're working on the bricks right now. The other side of the house is going to be stone. We've been mixing a lot of paint to get the colors we want. We've been working on it for weeks, and it's really fun working on it together." ~Amelia Senseney and Sophie Cowen, Grade 3


1st Day of Silkscreen Printmaking for 3rd Graders

 1. Choose 4 pieces of construction paper. 
Write your name and room # on bottom right hand corner

2. Cut 4 or 5 large stencils out of scrap paper. The color doesn't matter. 

3. Show teacher that you labeled all papers and cut out your stencils. Then off you go to the PRINTING TABLE! 

The PRINTING TABLE is set up with 6 silkscreens, squeegees and finger paint. One color of paint per screen. 

4. Stack 4 papers and arrange your stencils!

5. Place screen on top of all 4 papers and your stencils

6. Put finger paint on screen.
7. Squeegee (yes, it's a funny word)
8. Put print on drying rack
9. Go back and finish all four prints. 
Aidan Rowell, Room 21                     Iman Haidri, Room 21
Paige Domski, Room 21                           Chandler Cheung, Room 21

10. Remove stencils (they'll be stuck to the screen)
11. Wash hands
12. Look forward to cutting more stencils and adding more colors next week!! 


Thick and Creamy Tempera Paints

Ice cube trays cut in half are great for holding tempera paint. Students "dance, dance, dance" their dirty paintbrush at the bottom of a water can and "dab, dab, dab" their brush brush on a damp sponge before switching colors. Pre-cut pages of magazines are used as palettes (much easier than washing those tiny white palettes!).  I add more paint whenever needed. If a color is a little "dirty" stirring it up will fix it and/or make the color more interesting! At the end of each day I cover them with a big piece of tin foil. Ice cube trays are soaked over the week and refilled on Mondays. There is very little wasted paint using this technique! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Daisy is one lucky fairy.

"This is for my friend Daisy. It's a welcome home present for when she comes home in the spring. She goes to the warm during the winter. My sister made one too."  ~ Haley D, grade 3

Monday, February 13, 2012


Fairy House and Baby

"I made a fairy house for my fairy friend, Daisy. I write her notes, and she writes me back. I leave the notes for her on my front deck. She usually comes in the night, but once she came during the day. I'm not sure, but I think I saw her once. I think she had short blonde hair and a daisy dress."  Hope, Room 21

Oil Pastel and Paper Doily
Lisa Levandosky, Room 36


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